domenica colombié

studied industrial design and sustainable design systems at Parsons School of Design.

As a traveler, designer of sustainable home goods, and yoga teacher, Domenica finds creativity, service, and loving community to be the most valuable experiences life has to offer. She founded Mima Studios in Oaxaca, Mexico in 2016, as a design studio focused on sustainably produced products for the home. Since then, she has been working and building relationships with artisans throughout the pueblos of Oaxaca and bringing these experiences back with her to New York. Her first project was a line of ceramic tableware that is fired with used cooking oil instead of propane, and now she is also developing ethical product lines in jewelry, paper, and textiles.


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Everything you plant, you harvest. Everything you give, you receive.

Todo lo que siembras, cosechas. Todo lo que das, recibes. - Mexican proverb